LinkAlign 360POL

Antenna Polarization Positioner Accessory

The LinkAlign-360POL is a polarization rotator accessory that interfaces directly with all LinkAlign positioners, with the exception of the LinkAlign-15HD6. Standard LinkAlign software allows for the polarization axis to be enabled from the settings page and operated from the main control page. A single cable is provided with each positioner for power and control and plugged into the polarization connector located on the LinkAlign positioner. Four threaded studs on the backside of the rotator interface with captive thumb nuts on the LinkAlign positioner for tool-less installation.

The LinkAlign-360POL is typically paired with 1-3 ft antennas, payloads up to 80 lbs (36.3 kg), and offers +/-220° of polarization range. Payload shall not exceed parent model limit that the LinkAlign-360POL is coupled with. The 2 inch diameter hub-less design allows for on axis cable routing or rotary joint implementation.