Auto Acquisition Antenna Positioner for Microwave LoS & Satellite

The LinkAlign-360HD12 is a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) antenna positioner designed from the ground up to automatically point and peak directional antennas for microwave Line of Sight and satellite communications.

The built in GPS and digital compass with full featured web based user interface provides rapid and accurate antenna pointing. The user interface includes a stored locations database that allows easy recall of known target or satellite slot locations followed by a final auto peak using radio signal strength. In addition, the threshold repeaking feature maintains the link’s maximum quality of service by interfacing directly with your radio or satellite modem to monitor signal strength and automatically realign the link when needed.

The LinkAlign-360HD12 is typically paired with 4-8 ft antennas, payloads up to 500 lbs (226.8 kg), and offers 360° of azimuth & +110°/0° of elevation range. Download the Interface Control Drawing (ICD) for more details.

Achieve Multiple Return on Investment

  • Eliminates the reoccurring cost associated with manual realignment involving bucket trucks and tower crews
  • RoI can be realized after the first time the LinkAlign positioners are used

Rapid Incident Response Time

  • Manual alignment  can take hours or even days to achieve due to tower crews and/or equipment availability. Environmental conditions (wind, ice, etc) may also delay manual alignment due to safely concerns
  • LinkAlign positioners take less than 90 seconds to acquire and less than 30 seconds to peak your microwave line of sight link. Recover or optimize communications faster!

Increase Quality of Service

  • LinkAlign provides closed loop radio signal strength antenna alignment resulting in an optimized link
  • Greater returns higher QoS over manual alignment
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