AMP Satellite Antenna Positioner

Auto Acquisition and Satellite Tracking

  • Light weight with low power consumption for tactical deployment
  • Web based user interface for access from anywhere
  • Satellite and Target pointing database
  • Auto acquire and track using Satellite Modem SNR
  • Integrated GPS, digital compass, and iDirect modem interface

The Auto Man Pack (AMP) antenna positioner provides auto acquisition and tracking capability for satellite communication links. AMP is remotely controlled over Ethernet using a web based user interface.

AMP works with the Tampa Microwave MANPACK line of satellite terminals and requires no modifications to the standard kit to add the auto acquire satellite terminal. This makes the MANPACK solution a multi-role multi-purpose terminal that can be configured as a 1 case man portable or two case auto acquire in a 45cm, 65cm, 95cm, or 1.3 meter antenna aperture size.

The TAMPA manpack offers X, Ku, and Ka band operation with many modem types built into this all in one solution.




User Interface