Mobile Tower

Rapid deployment of Cellular on Wheels (COW’s), Cellular On Light Truck (COLT’s), or Super COW’s. LinkAlign immediately ties a COW or COLT to a network with its automated approach to microwave antenna path alignment. LinkAlign brings the alignment process to the ground.  Our automated approach uses digital GPS and compass to identify the local and remote end locations and desired antenna heading. LinkAlign makes it possible to replace expensive satellite based networks with terrestrial tower based solutions that save you the cost of monthly satellite service and leaves you with greater throughput and less latency.  Using licensed and unlicensed microwave radios a user can install LinkAlign positioners at both ends of the radio link. LinkAlign provides the tools for creating line of sight links in minutes by automating the process of antenna alignment at each end of the link.  Establish, peak, and maintain both ends of the link from one location.

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Emergency Management

Rapidly install low latency wide band communications minutes after arriving on location. LinkAlign products will automatically establish communications between two distant ends and maintain the highest quality link for Data, Voice, and Video. LinkAlign works with every commercial and government radio/antenna solution. The technology has been adopted by FirstNet programs to deploy public safety 4G LTE quickly. Nextmove can automate a current in service microwave network or provide  a full turnkey solution.

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Static Tower

Mounting LinkAlign to a static tower gives data service providers and state and local government the flexibility to make quick decisions on how and when to move data. Create Adhoc backhaul data links remotely in minutes.  Restore and manage critical data links from a central location without deploying a technician or tower crew during off hours. LinkAlign puts flexibility and speed into each network. Return on investment is quickly realized by saving expensive maintenance calls and returning critical data services in minutes instead of days or hours.


Tactical Deployment

Small masts have weight restrictions on the overall head load. LinkAlign is designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and portable. LinkAlign installs on a mast pole without the use of tools.  The positioner is powered and controlled by a single Ethernet cable which utilizes Power over Ethernet (PoE). The user interface is hosted on the positioner and can be controlled from any PC, PDA, tablet PC, or smart phone that has a web browser. Create critical backhaul data links in minutes with an easy to use control interface.

Electronic News Gathering

Breaking a story and providing live coverage first is each networks goal. LinkAlign-AIR provides high bandwidth low latency HD video links back to the network with a push of a button. Other live truck systems are manual and require live truck operators to call back to the station head quarters and manually bring up and establish a line of sight link using joystick controlled pan and tilts. LinkAlign-AIR reduces the live broadcast set-up time and puts your network on-air first. The LinkAlign-AIR makes live broadcast easy. Drive to a live broadcast location and let LinkAlign-AIR do the rest. Establish and maintain the highest quality link for HD video live broadcast with an auto locate and point microwave antenna solution from Nextmove.

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Directional Small Cellular

The LinkAlign-DSC provides directional 3G/4G services for emergency management groups and puts coverage where you need it. The base station will maintain and track the devices on the network providing optimized directional cellular coverage for emergency use. Deployment can be stand alone and provide peer to peer or tie back into larger networks to extend the range of existing services.

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Oil Rig

Oil and Gas Industry

Maintain high quality links over water from your Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel. Point to point microwave offers low latency high bandwidth links. Maintaining microwave links from mobile platforms requires dynamic control of the antenna system. Nextmove offers affordable antenna pan and tilt systems that will maintain the highest quality link and actively monitor and peak the microwave link delivering the highest Quality of Service. Establish and maintain line of sight microwave for voice, data, and video with an automated microwave antenna solution from Nextmove.


Custom Designs

Don’t see what you need in our standard products? Nextmove has a full design team to deliver other lightweight capable positioning systems.  Nextmove designs and maintains flexible hardware, electronics, and software that can rapidly meet a new requirement. Contact us today to discuss your needs.