Rapid Deployment

Connecting networks has never been easier

Intelligent Communications Solutions

Positioning the communications market one link at a time

Ship to Shore Links

Auto tracking solutions for ship to shore applications. Commercial Ferry routes, Coastal Patrol, offshore Oil & Gas, Cruise ships, and many more.

SATCOM solutions

Auto acquire SATCOM. Lightest weight, Lowest power, and Greatest Flexibility. Multiple bands and antenna sizes.

Emergency Management

Auto acquire Line of Sight and Satellite for rapid response vehicles

Auto Alignment

Avoid the tower climb and added setup time. Communicate faster with LinkAlign.

Auto antenna alignment solutions for Emergency Management, DoD, Oil&Gas, News Gathering, and Wireless Communications markets.

Software for motion control applications.
Auto align Pan and Tilt positioners that fit your antenna payload.
Custom solutions for your antenna positioner requirements.
Fully integrated communications systems that deliver customer desired throughput with minimum setup time.

Nextmove Technologies is proud to design and manufacture our products in the United States of America.